Traditional Chaozhou Oyster Congee (#蠔仔粥)

Traditional Chaozhou Oyster Congee

 15 mins  Cooking - Free food icons25 mins  Client, dinner, eat, food, man, meal, restaurant icon 4 servings 
Course: Main dish 
Cuisine: Chinese


  • 3 tb-sp Tianjin preserved vegetable (冬菜)
  • 10 stalks Coriander
  • 12 pieces Frozen oyster
  • 500g Minced pork
  • 2 litres Water
  • 4-6 bowls Rice


  Sauce and seasoning

  • 1 tb-sp Chinese wine (Shaoxing wine 紹興酒)
  • 2 tb-sp Oil 
  • 2 tb-sp Soy sauce
  • 2 tb-sp Sesame oil
  • 6 tb-sp Fish Sauce


Bakery svglinecolor recipe book icon - Bakery Icons 2017 Steps by step

1. Marinade the minced pork with Chinese wine, soy sauce and sesame oil

2. Prepare rice with your rice cooker

3. Heat up the oil with a medium pot

4. Stir fry the pork to medium-well and add the oyster directly

5. Add 1L water and wait til it boiled

6. Keep stirring while you add the preserved vegetable and fish sauce

7. Pour the remaining 1L water

8. Chopped the coriander and place 3-5 t-sp on top of your rice

9. Pour the hot soup to the rice bowl and enjoy your congee


Bright, idea, lamp, tips iconStep's secret tips:

  • Coriander is the soul of this congee


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