Miso Soup with Udon (#味噌うどん)

Miso Soup with Udon

 5 mins  Cooking - Free food icons15 mins  Client, dinner, eat, food, man, meal, restaurant icon 2 servings 
Course: Main dish 
Cuisine: Japanese


  • 2 Udon noodles


  Sauce and seasoning

  • 2 tb-sp Miso
  • 1 piece Kombu (or 10g, dried kelp)
  • 2 tb-sp Katsuobushi (or 10g, dried bonito flakes)


Bakery svglinecolor recipe book icon - Bakery Icons 2017 Steps by step

1. Clean kombu with a damp towel but do not wash kombu and do not remove the white substance (that’s umami). 

2. Soak the kombu in water for 30 minutes or overnight (preferred).

3. Boil a pot of water with a piece of kombu

4. Add Katsuobushi and let it simmer for 1 minute. Turn off the heat and leave it for 10 minutes

5. Strain over a sieve and the foundation is ready (Awase Dashi is the Japanese name of this broth)

6. Bring dashi to a boil and add the miso slowly

7. Cook some udon separately in a small pot

8. Pour in the soup and sprinkle some spring onion to finish the dish


Bright, idea, lamp, tips iconStep's secret tips:

  • Never overboil the miso soup, as we would like to keep the nutrients, flavors, and fragrance
  • You can diced some silky tofu and serve as a soup alone. Add tofu after miso is completely dissolved because you might break the tofu when mixing in miso

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