Japanese Inari Sushi (#いなり寿司)

Japanese Inari Sushi

 15 mins  Cooking - Free food icons20 mins  Client, dinner, eat, food, man, meal, restaurant icon 4 servings 
Course: Side dish 
Cuisine: Japanese


  • 1 pack Inari deep fried tofu pockets
  • 2 bowls Japanese sushi rice


  Sauce and seasoning

  • NA


Bakery svglinecolor recipe book icon - Bakery Icons 2017 Steps by step

1. Prepare sushi rice ahead of time and cool for 20mins

2. Open an inari tofu pocket and stuff a ball of rice inside

3.  Pop them in a bento box with some vegetables for a quick lunch


Bright, idea, lamp, tips iconStep's secret tips:

The tofu pockets can be easily found in any Japanese supermarket

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