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The massive preparation

Once in a while, when I think of my wedding in June, I feel depressed, as I have mentioned in 'Fortunate? Unfortunate?', I have spent a year for the arrangements and it simply cost a second to 'pop' and gone. The decision of cancellation has been placed up in the air for two months since the lockdown, and we finally made our decision on the 52th day of our quarantine life.

By and large, I have accepted the fact of cancellation, or maybe postponing for better interpretation under all kinds of pressure. Trust me! It's never easy for a bride to call off her wedding, even though this is not a massive fancy barbie show. Again, thanks for your understanding and all the sweet messages, we are truly touched.

So, as the cancellation is an established fact at this stage, I am trying to review my preparation lists and spend an extra year to stay on diet, nah just kidding, by putting the deposits on hold, this is the best time for Joseph and I to kick back and relax, looking forward to a better year in 2021. A better year, for everyone.

It is undeniable that wedding is a huge project, unlike the traditional Asian style ceremony, mine is rarely concise and in a small scale, which people called it ' Modern British'. This makes me wonder how crazy it could be for arranging a wedding in my hometown, triple? God no!

I have picked my gown from Morgan Davies Bridal and a cute red dress from Needle and Thread London, with some more dresses and suits from ASOS, decorations from different shops and online stores. To be honest, they took me few months to search, as I am trying to put my hands-on details…My Peachy Queens are ready, and they are the most supportive and lovely bridesmaid team in the world…miss you babies, cannot wait for our reunion.

The pandemic situation gives shock to everyone. People lost their jobs, families, friends and maybe more, it's the best time for us to cherish whatever we have, our loves one, and especially show your kindness to whom dispossessed. Not to blame anyone but embrace the fortunate we've got. Looking forward to my ‘second wedding plan’, stay safe my friends.

Nitenite X


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