A begining

Fortunate? Unfortunate?

I decided to start writing this page in the mid of May in 2020, my 52th day of lockdown in London. Things have come so quickly, and I was collapsed in an early morinng, weep like a crying baby. Joseph was shocked, or maybe he is getting used to it as I am pretty emotional sometimes, he sat next to me with his cell phone, focus on his Netflix- The Last Dance.

We have been so excited in the past few months, looking forward to our wedding on the 30th June 2020 with approximate 100 friends and families in a gorgeous hotel in Central London. The pandemic situation since March has stopped me on the arrangement and the negative emotion of mine started to accumulate since then. The lockdown was a nightmare for the Great Britain as everyone is preparing for their lovely summer, especially a 'Bride to be' like me. Job stopped, plans changed, shops closed, and wedding cancelled. Spending months to prepare for a day that I have dreamed in the past twenty years, and it only cost a second to 'pop' and gone. Fortunate? Unfortunate? Who knows, but I do believe it matters if everyone is safe and happy to attend, with million struggles and screaming, here I am, ready to prepare for my 'second wedding' next year. 

Alright! Back to the point of the first piece of 'The beginning', this page is born in such a complex background, a tiny bit emotional but thankful. I do hope you find this page interesting in my life sharing, as a foodholic, a shopaholic and a ‘Bride to be’.

It's 11:13pm and I am going to bed soon. I am good, nitenite X


P.S. A special appreciation for those who fight against the virus for the country, I am truly thankful that you have stayed in your position and guard us under all kind of complexity. People hold a rally and clap their hands for NHS every quarantine Thursday, and that's the moment when you feel the unity is strength.

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