Japanese Hidden Clothesline

Laundry VS Rain? Nightmare 


Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day
'Stephanie' wants to play
Rain, rain go away

The prevailing warm moist westerly winds mean the UK receives rainfall from Atlantic weather systems - in the form of frontal rainfall. It's not so much that London particularly more or less rainy than other cities. The volume of rain is not the issue as much as its frequency, I am sure you got me!

If you can only do as many washes as my drying racks will accommodate, and if there is bad weather that stop you from doing laundry... When the weather is less reliable, I always remind the family to think twice before throwing a barely worn item in the laundry. It was even more terrible when I am trying to dry my duvet set or blanket, which my drying rack is incapable of hanging such a large piece.


I found such a thoughtful product from Japanese's platform one day, and it keeps me away from damaged clothes, where the dryer is causing shrinkage, warping elastic, and the tumbling action is extremely rough. With a simple installation process, I can now easily set my drying clothesline indoors to soak up fresh air and sun, it’s better for clothes than machine drying. The bedsheet, blanket, duvet set or even my robe can be easily dried with this modern box which I hav placed next to my French windows.


Trust me! When you stop using your dryer, you're conserving your favorite clothes longer and saving the cost of replacing them before their time. This amazing clothesline can extend upto 4.2m long, and you can easily hang whatever you wish.

Are you interested?

Coming with retractable bold stainless string, makes the item rustless and corrosion from daily use. The Japanese modern beautiful design is invisible and decorative on the wall, which you can easily store it in any corner, closet, or laundry room. Please allow a new window and click the link below if you would love to purchase or learn more about this Laundry assistant.

Product Name: Japanese Hidden Clothesline


This is How it works:

Tips on laundry:

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