Mom's Dry Noodle (#老媽拌麵)

Mom's Dry Noodle

Origin: Taiwan 


After my first attemp on KIKI, I have purchased another brand of Taiwaese new products from the shop, which costs me £6.95 a pack of instant noodles (5 in a pack). Unlike KIKI, this brand has provided an option on shaved noodles (刀削面, Daoxiao noodles)

Founder Chen Rong-chang owns a spicy hot pot restaurant. Mr. Chen wishes more customers to experience the deliciousness of the culinary delight of Szechuan-style, which motivates him to invest extra time and effort, in establishing the “Mom’s DryNoodles” brand in a year. 

“Noodles with Sauce” has a long history with itsown special origins, dating all the way back to the Sung Dynasty. Itstarted as a simple culinary delicacy, but as it traveled through the lands andpassed through different peoples, that meant different noodles paired withdifferent sauces, resulting in a variety of different tastes.

These varieties by Mom’s Dry Noodle have been pretty impressive, it comes with six signature flavours, which are Pepper & Sesame, Dan Dan Noodle, Onion & Shrimp, Szechuan spicy, Sour & Spicy, and Shiitake Zhajiang Flavor.


Step by step

The cooking process is basically the same as usual instant noodle preparation.

1. Boil some water

2. Dump the noodles in and wait about a few minutes for it to cook

3. Drain well, shaking out the excess water, and transfer to a bowl

4. Mixed in the sauce 


# Spicy & Sour Flavour(酸辣)


This flavour comes with three tiny pack of sauces: Vibrant color and spicy scent; Soy scent; Black vinegar.The noodles are really primo with their excellent gauge and chewiness. This flavor goes from an initial hit from the black vinegar’s sourness, then mulls around with the heat and almost transforms into a sweetness at a point. It’s a very active flavor that kept my tastebuds fascinated the whole time. Excellent!


# Dan Dan Noodles (担担面)


Dandan noodles or dandanmian is a noodle dish originating from Chinese Sichuan cuisine. It consists of a spicy sauce usually containing preserved vegetables, chili oil, Sichuan pepper, minced pork, and scallions served over noodles.

This flavour contains four tiny packs: Fascinating and aromatic mixture – Sichuan peppercorn shell, garlic and seasoning; Sesame base; Chilli oil; Soy sauce.  I personally prefer the Shafhai version, therefore I add 1 tb-sp Peanut butter to my bowl...The flavor is multilayered. Complex, yet simple. As a huge fan of Dandan noodles, this is extremely satisfying.


# Shiitake Zhajiang Flavour (香菇炸醬)


I was literally suprised by the noodles, as it came out perfectly in chewy texture, which able to experience restaurant-grade noodles from my home kitchen. As this is not common to find Daoxiao noodles from an instant pack, it caused my attention when I first saw the packing. 

This flavour only contains one tiny pack: A thick paste sachet. This was a mix with bit of mushroom throughout and a nice savory Taiwanese sauce. Might be a tiny bit salty for those who loves light dish.


# Sichuan Spicy Flavour (麻辣)


Sichuan pepper’s unique aroma and flavour is not hot or pungent like chilli peppers, but a lemony overtones and creates a tingly numbness in your mouth. The word 'Ma la' comes from two Chinese characters, respectively, 'numbing' 麻 and 'spicy' 辣 to describe the sensation in the mouth the dish creates.

This flavour contains three tiny packs: Reddish paste; Soy sauce; Oil sachet. As I have mentioned above, the scalloped edges, the width and the chew of Daoxiao noodles are great, which the Sichuan ma-la has enhance the experience and gives a creation of restaurant order.

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