KIKI Noodles (#kiki拌麵)

KIKI Noodles

Origin: Taiwan 


Have you heard of Taiwanese KiKi Noodles? It’s the latest instant noodle obsession (I mean one of the latest), and I finally found in London.

Even though it sounds ridiculous to spend £6.5 on a pack of instant noodles (5 in a pack), and I fully agree. But a fair trial is always needed before I pass a proper judgment on these 'luxury' Taiwanese instant noodles. They come in six flavours (which there're four available in store), and I have bought Aromatic Scallion and Szechuan Pepper.


Step by step

The cooking process is basically the same as usual instant noodle preparation.

1. Boil some water

2. Dump the noodles in and wait about a few minutes for it to cook

3. Drain well, shaking out the excess water, and transfer to a bowl

4. Mixed in the sauce 


#1 Aromatic Scallion

The sesame oil has successfully added a layer of fragrance to the noodles, where Aromatic Scallion was certainly aromatic and wonderfully flavourful. Joseph and I were thrilled about the noodles,  which the excellent quality and texture has a resemblance to  Chinese hand-pulled noodles, and they were incredibly smooth and springy.



#2 Szechuan Pepper

As Joseph was more excited to taste the Szechuan Pepper flavour, as he loves spicy food and thought it’d be more interesting to taste something stronger (kind of excitement). While adding the seasonings (Szechuan Pepper flavour comes with one packet of sauce mixed with some chilli oil, as well as a packet of Szechuan Pepper flakes), I could literally smell the spice as the sauce was extremely fragrant. 

I must say the portion is unfortunately too small for Joseph, but it was absolutely Delicious!


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