Demae Itcho (#出前一丁)

Demae Itcho

Origin: Japan-Hong Kong 


Demae Ramen or Demae Itcho (出前一丁) was first introduced in Japan in 1969. The name Demae Itcho is simply means "A speed post" which represent the character of the instant noodles. As it has entered into Hong Kong's market the 1970, with dual-income households the norm, Demae Itcho was in fact the taste of home for many children who grew up in the era.

The interesting fact is Demae Itcho usually sold with soy sauce and sesame seed oil flavourings in Japan, one can have a pick of 15 flavours in Hong Kong, including seafood and black garlic oil pork. Since ready-made ramen is a top comfort food, it has become one of the most popular instant noodle brands in Hong Kong.


Step by step

The cooking process is basically the same as usual instant noodle preparation.

1. Boil some water

2. Dump the noodles in and wait about a few minutes for it to cook

3. Drain well, shaking out the excess water, and transfer to a bowl

4. Add in the sauce

5. Pour 500ml hot water


# Sesame Seed Oil (麻油味)


This is absolutely my favourite instant noodles, not one of those. Although you can hardly find the Japanese version in London, the Hog Kong version has 85% similarity and it is perfectly served with the sesame oil pack and the seasoning powder. It smells rich and definitely give you appetite, especially when you add some toppings on it.

In Hong Kong, it is common to find Demae Itcho in every household, supermarket and the typical Hongkongese restaurant (CHA-CHAAN-TENG, 茶餐廳). Fried eggs, sausages and Luncheon Meat are the best components in this super bowl. You should not miss this amazing pack!

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